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Cash for Clothes


There are many benefits to consignment, but recently we have had many people inquire about buying items outright.  The Toggery is happy to accommodate.


As of November 2010 we are now offering Buyouts.  Though you do not earn as much as you would by consigning your items, nothing can beat the feel of cash-in-hand.


For our serious shoppers we are also offering a Store Credit option.  In exchange for your items you will receive a credit for merchandise in the store.  An example of recycling at it's finest! 


We realize consignment is not for everyone, so these new choices may be a better fit for your lifestyle.


Please let us know when making your appointment if you are interested in a buyout.

There is no minimum or maximum on bringing in items.  Merchandise needs to be no older than a few years, clean, on hangers and current styles.  We will buy out of season merchandise.