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Taller, Thinner, & In Every Size


In 1954 a designer by the name of Roger Vivier decided to experiment with a newly available technology.


The injection of a steele rod into the core of a pencil thin heel now allowed women to wear shoes much taller than the given pump.  Climbing from 3" to 5" or more the invention of the stiletto heel gave women brand new fashion heights to aspire to.


Reintroduced in 1974 by Manolo Blahnik, he called his interpretation the 'Needle' and was so popular by the 1990's he was worn by nearly every celebrity in Hollywood.


Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield were queens of stilettos at the peak of 50's high fashion.  They paired suits & evening gowns, finishing them with that tiny heel.


Today, Victoria Beckham & the Olsen twins have made stilettos a staple in casual fashion.  A pair of skinny jeans and a cute top & you have everything you need for 2010.